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Brussels ignores fluoride risk to the poor

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Brussels ignores fluoride risk to the poor.

British Stakeholder UKCAF boycotts scientific meeting.

Doug Cross. 17th September 2010

The Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risk (SCHER) committee set up to examine new evidence on water fluoridation meets in Brussels today - but UKCAF has withdrawn its Registration to attend. Participants will only be allowed to discuss their views on scientific issues, and given the biased approach to the scrutiny of evidence that inconveniently exposes the flaws in fluoridation that runs through the draft report, they will certainly have plenty to argue about!

Since British Councils will soon be made 'responsible for fluoridation' - a somewhat vague but potentially extremely risky responsibility - that means UKCAF will come represent Councils with the mandate of 86% of all of those people in the European Community that have toxic fluorosilicic acid dumped into their water supply. In a very real sense, UKCAF will be 'the elephant in the room' in Brussels today!

But as far as UKCAF is concerned, the interminable repetition of reviews and studies on the science - or perhaps that should be pseudo-science - of fluoridation simply allows the bureaucrats in Brussels, London and Dublin to ignore the enormous toll that this quackery takes on our children. The SCHER group skates over the issue of dental fluorosis in one page in its report, yet this is the single most significant health risk that children growing up in fluoridated water areas face. It is also the issue that the fluoride advocates want kept away from public scrutiny, at any price.

So we have taken the most reliable figures from recent peer-reviewed studies, and calculated just how many children are almost certainly now affected every year, and how much it will cost them to hide the damage that this appalling practice causes them. And the results will horrify you.

On the basis of even the minimalist claims of the Irish profluoridationists, in fluoridated areas of England and the Irish Republic,
at least 2,500 more new-born children every year will face a childhood of psychological trauma through the rejection of their disfigured teeth by other children. They will also face a crippling life-time financial burden to pay for treatment (by the same dentists that recommend this barbaric practice) to hide the otherwise entirely avoidable dental damage that they have suffered. (You may ask, why do we rely on Irish data? Because the number of kids with fluorosis in England is a closely-guarded secret, that's why!)

But if we use the data from all sources, taken from the highly reputable York Review (that's the same source as the fluoride pushers like to misquote whenever possible) the
over 10,000 newborn English kids every year, and 5,000 more in Ireland, will need some form of cosmetic dental treatment to hide their damaged teeth as they grow up.

The costs are astronomical - at least £500 to veneer each tooth, and often much more, and they only last ten years if you are lucky. And because teeth don't stop growing until you are around 21, you can't get this treatment on the NHS - free dental treatment stops at 18. A neat co-incidence, that!

The cartel that controls the dental sector in the UK likes to tell us that fluoridation is the best and cheapest way to reduce what they coyly refer to as 'inequalities in dental health in disadvantaged communities'. So let's look at this a bit more carefully than either SCHER or the British and Irish fluoridation advocates.

Fluoridation hits rich and poor kids alike - it makes no distinction between advantaged and disadvantaged kids, unless of course your parents can afford to give you bottled water. Health Secretary Alan Johnson infamously told Parliament a couple of years back that he wanted to impose water fluoridation on almost half of the country, so that he could 'give poor kids rich kids' teeth'. What he absentmindedly forgot to mention to Parliament and the public was that he had no plans to give the poor kids access to the rich kids' bank accounts to pay for the remedial treatment that they were going to need.

When poor kids get bad dental fluorosis, they either have to - well, I was going to say 'grin and bear it', but that's hardly appropriate in the circumstances. Or else they have to fork out many thousands of pounds for treatment. But that means that since they are already poor, they then have to reduce their already low standard of living even more - and that can itself lead to worse health too. So the claim that it reduces health inequalities is a wicked lie - in the words of that old Music Hall favourite,
"its the rich what gets the pleasure, and the poor what gets the blame!"

SCHER has completely failed to deal with the problem of the physical, psychological and financial damage that this discredited practice causes, especially to the very same 'disadvantaged' kids that this discredited practice is alleged to help!

We at UKCAF have no confidence that the never-ending round of 'scientific reviews' will ever do the one simple thing that would stop fluoridation in its unsavoury tracks, literally in hours - recognising that the whole charade is illegal. So we are taking the fight upstairs to Europe - not, not the middle management people at this meeting, but the real top.

We are demanding that the whole fraudulent practice be immediately referred to the European Court, as a 'public interest' issue of extreme urgency. Our number one priority is to stop the damage that is caused to thousands of kids who, every year, are condemned to a lifetime of pain and social disruption (You just try to lead a normal life when the kids in the playground call you 'the kid with the shitty teeth'), and totally unwarranted financial hardship.

Read our Press Release and our letter withdrawing our Registration for the SCHER meeting Then get on to your MP, and demand that this State-sponsored child abuse be stopped, right now.

CLICK HERE for our Press Release

and HERE for our letter to SCHER withdrawing our Registration.

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