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Fluoride’s dirty little secret
Why you need to think again about adding fluoride
to drinking water.

Doug Cross, FRSB
UK Councils Against Fluoridation
26th July 2015

The aluminium/dementia and fluoride connection.

The problem

Water fluoridation doesn’t just reduce your kids’ IQ and make them dumber. It’s stealing your own future as well. It helps another apparently harmless element - aluminium - get into your brain.

Once it reaches a critical level, this appears to start a catastrophic chain reaction, one that leads eventually to the onset of dementia when we get old - and now even not so old.

It can’t happen to me - can it?

Are you afraid of getting Alzheimer’s Disease when you could be enjoying your retirement years? Do you worry that your kids might have to go through the torment and degradation that accompanies this condition it when they get old? Or do you simply shrug it off as something that won’t happen to you? You should be worried - the chance of any of us getting Alzheimer’s has now reached one in three.

That’s right - we are now being told that one person in three over the age of 65 will die with dementia. So if you're planning to spend your final years with a loved partner, then make provisions for the worst now.

There’s a more than even chance that one of you will suffer from dementia, and the other will have to care for him or her - and that doesn’t mean that the carer won’t get it as well. In around
one couple in ten, both will develop dementia before they die.

Not a normal condition.

Dementia isn’t explained away by saying that it’s a normal thing that happens to old people. The easy argument is that because we are living longer, it’s bound to become more common. Sorry - that doesn’t explain the huge recent rise in its prevalence. It’s not a normal thing at all.

Nor is it some subtle form of genetic condition that has appeared in recent years - we don’t evolve that fast. Dementia is a degenerative neural disease. It has become far more common than can be accounted for by there being more older folk around, with more active ‘dementia genes’.

The only reasonable explanation for the escalating epidemic of dementia amongst the elderly is that it’s caused by something that we are exposed to now that we weren’t in centuries past. In other words, there’s a new environmental contaminant out there, and it’s hitting us all, wherever we live and regardless of whether we’re rich or poor.

This is where drinking water comes into the picture - again.

One important source of aluminium in a form that's easily absorbed by our bodies is processed drinking water. The risk of you getting Alzheimer’s appears to more than double if you live in an area in which the drinking water contains half of the generally permitted concentration of aluminium.

This comes from aluminium sulphate, used almost universally in the modern water treatment process. This was, of course, adopted to help purify surface water to provide us with drinking water that is safe to drink. Nobody imagined it might actually cause us harm. (They said the same about fluoridation, too, but that’s how it’s turned out.)

Traces of aluminium from water treatment chemicals are present in most municipal water supplies, and just as with fluoridation chemicals they’re unlike anything that we find in nature. It's also even quite legally added to foods, for inscrutable commercial reasons that are open to very serious questioning!

But it's also present in cosmetics, and can be absorbed through your skin. Over decades a very small amount of that aluminium gets into your bloodstream and some of it migrates to your brain. It doesn’t take much to cause real problems - typically Alzheimer's patients may have as much as 4mg of aluminium in their brains.

Once it gets there it is believed to start a process of abnormal changes that lead, eventually, to the progressive loss of your mental and physical faculties. Eventually, you stop altogether, although your grieving relatives won’t find any mention of aluminium poisoning on your Death Certificate!

Enter Fluoride.

You’ll have been wondering what all this has to do with water fluoridation. This is the really subtle part of fluoride’s insidious and sneaky role in our approaching demise.

What decides how soon we start on the downward path to dementia seems to be how soon the aluminium that’s invaded our brains reaches a critical threshold level. So anything that speeds up this absorption of aluminium is likely to bring that date forward.

And that’s exactly what fluoride does - it makes it easier for aluminium to get from the water and processed food in our stomachs into our bloodstreams, and from there into our brains.

So it turns out that two supposedly harmless substances - aluminium and fluoride - that we add to drinking water with the best of intentions actually seem to conspire together to make our kids dumber when they are born (that's down to the fluoride) and then make it easier for dementia to get at them (and us) in old age.

A great deal of work has been done internationally on the role of aluminium in the onset of dementia. Those who still deny that there’s a link are as stubborn as those who insist that fluoride added to drinking water is safe and effective. They’re not reading (or at least, not understanding) the science behind this research.

And one of the most important warnings to come out of this work on aluminium’s toxicity to us is that adding fluoride to drinking water is absolutely crazy.

Even if there are only traces of aluminium left in our water from the water purification process at the treatment works (and there almost always are), any fluoride that may also be added to that water will just make it easier for these trace levels of aluminium to get into our bodies. And our kids bodies, too.

Will it lead to Alzheimer’s appearing earlier? We don’t know - no-one has dared to propose a rigorous clinical trial to find out!

But probably, yes - more and more younger people are going down with Alzheimer’s Disease, the commonest form of dementia. It looks like something may be accelerating the rate at which we are absorbing aluminium.

Will it make our dementia worse? Probably not - once that biochemical cascading process of decline has started, it’s too late anyway. After it starts, it appears that we don’t need more aluminium to keep it going, so any more just seems to be irrelevant.

So there’s nothing we can do then - or is there?

So it looks like we’re doomed then! The only ones to have a bright future seem to be the big pharmaceutical companies, set to make billions from anti-Alzheimer’s drugs. Well no, not quite.

Firstly, if quite a bit of the dementia problem is caused by these traces of aluminium in our drinking water, then if we remove them this would instantly remove at least one important source of our exposure.

At our home we use a reverse osmosis filter to purify our domestic water supply - after all, I’d be crazy not to do this after surviving the Camelford aluminium poisoning incident myself.

Then it’s possible to stop using aluminium sulphate in water treatment. It can often be substituted with other chemicals, such as iron sulphate, that are completely harmless.

And, of course, stopping fluoridation would immediately lessen the rate at which any aluminium that might still be in the water supply gets into our bodies. Since it doesn’t actually prevent dental decay, that would be win-win end-game anyway.

The solution

But what if we could stop the aluminium build-up in our bodies reaching that critical level in the first place? What if we could even remove any aluminium that’s already floating around inside us?

If this were
possible then, for our young people, this might prevent them getting aluminium-induced dementia in old age.

For middle- aged folk, it might even help to prevent the onset of dementia, or maybe at least delay it significantly. This surely is the obvious way forward - if this really were possible, then the benefits for us all would be colossal.

So, the hot news is that it really looks like it may indeed be possible. All you have to do is drink a litre of water a day!

No, no - this is not a scam! It does, of course, have to be the RIGHT water, not just any old tap water - given what I’ve already said, that would be downright silly.

A few mineral waters have very high levels of silica in them. They are absolutely safe to drink (unlike fluoridated tap water) but the silica that they contain has the unique ability to combine with aluminium in our bodies.

It locks the aluminium in our cells into a substance that is no longer able to have any chemical effects on our brain cell chemistry. Instead, it’s filtered out by our kidneys and eliminated in our urine. So elegantly simple, and so cheap and easy to do!

The leading world expert on this approach to the prevention of dementia is Prof. Chris Exley, at Keele University, UK. He and his team developed the new silica treatment that gets rid of aluminium from the body in just a few months. He’s already carried out limited trials with Alzheimer’s patients, and found that some even began to recover some of their lost mental faculties after a few months ‘on the bottle’.

Now he wants to go the next step forward, and carry out a bigger clinical trial, to test whether his research works in the real world. So, if his research offers us even a chance to bring an end to the growing social, medical and economic calamity of dementia, you’d think that he’d have donors pounding at his laboratory door, ready to fund whatever he wants to do.

And you’d be utterly wrong!

He can’t get that funding - no-one is prepared to offer him what, in modern medical research, is considered the paltry sum of half a million pounds, to do even a limited clinical trial that could bring about the end of the epidemic of dementia that’s sweeping around the world.

Alzheimer’s presently costs the British economy around £2 billion a month, mainly in social care. So an effective preventive treatment could save the UK alone almost that much every month. The funding that Exley needs to test his research with real people amounts to what care for Alzheimer’s patients currently costs the UK economy every ten minutes.

And on the global scale, the cost of this study would be recovered in just 8 seconds of avoided dementia care! Is that too much to pay for a chance to bring it to an end?

A People’s Clinical Trial

We already know that drinking silica-rich water removes existing aluminium levels in the body, so the risk of starting the progressive decline of dementia is likely to be lowered.

But what about those people who have already started on the downhill path - can we slow or even stop that too? We don’t know, but Chris wants to carry out a Clinical Trial looking at the effect of giving Alzheimer’s patients silica-rich mineral water to drink. By monitoring how they get on this would give him some indication of whether this holds out hope for older people too.

But since no-one will provide that funding. he has been forced to go to the Internet Crowdfunding site to try to raise the paltry funding needed for his proposed clinical trial. This is a hugely important move. For the first time it may now be possible to carry out a properly designed and monitored, ethically approved Clinical Trial of a possible preventive treatment for what has become one of the greatest threats to public health around the world.

This will be a unique study, funded by the public, and not by the public sector or official research funding establishments. This ground-breaking approach, a real-life People’s Clinical Trial, moves clinical research out of the hands of vested interests into those of the people that it is designed to help.

It moves us right into the Social Media and Networking Age, in a completely new and revolutionary way. At the same time, it challenges the establishment in a way that no-one has dared to do before.

For the extraordinary fact is that there are already products on the shelves in supermarkets that might turn out to be able to prevent the onset of dementia. They’re the bottles of mineral water that contain more then 30mg of silica per litre - just check out the list of contents on the label to find a local supply.

Make no mistake, if this works, then the cost of the treatment would be around 40p (US$0.6) a day, and there would be absolutely no ‘side effects. And none of the Big Pharma conglomerates would make a penny out of this, either.

Prevention is better than cure - but we still need both

It’s long been said that prevention is better than cure, but we're going to need both for wuit a time yet. Many people alive now are inevitably going to get Alzheimer’s in the future. So even if this Trial shows that the treatment works, and we could supply everyone with silica-rich water immediately. it still won’t stop this disease for at least a generation to come.

Sadly, for millions of us, it’s already too late. But perhaps, if we’re already showing early signs of dementia, then - just maybe - Chris’ treatment might give us a few extra months of normal living, if not more. Even that would be something to be grateul for.

So now, how much is it worth to you to prevent your kids getting dementia when they get old?

But what about your kids? What would you give to make it possible for them to be able to live their lives without the fear of eventual dementia hanging over them as they approach old age?

The numbers of people with dementia are expected to almost double by the middle of this century, and early-onset dementia, now affecting people in their 50s, and even in their late 40s, is getting much more common. It’s no longer just a condition of the extremely old.

So how much is it worth to you to help find a solution that will allow future generations to be free of the fear of that dementia ‘Black Hole’, from which the only escape is death?.

Aluminium is believed to be the problem, and water fluoridation simply makes the threat from the aluminium in our water supplies even worse. Chris urgently needs that funding. Anyone who is concerned about the quality of their water, and of course, also of the food that is prepared with it, needs to think very carefully about what they can do to help us deal with this, one of the greatest health challenge of modern times.

Check the facts

Then check your bank account and decide what you can afford!

(The donation link is on the top left of the page.)

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