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Gearing up for Armageddon

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Gearing up for Armageddon:
Fuoride’s Final Frontier.

Doug Cross 1st February 2015

For far too long we, the public, have put up with the lies and incompetence of the fluoride Snake-oil Salesmen We have tried reason, and they counter it with unreason. We argued science; their reply has been pseudoscience.

We even tried law, only to see Parliament itself shift the goal posts, passing legislation that, so it imagined, allowed it to act above the law.

What do we have left, if all these rational approaches have failed? The answer is simple - we have the people. They may be baffled by scientists, confused by lawyers, and deceived by politicians. But they instinctively know what is right and what is wrong.

They know, without a shadow of doubt, that it is morally unacceptable for the State to force them, and especially their children, to take any form of chemical concoction that they neither trust nor want.

The growing public outrage against fluoridation, the absolute revulsion or ordinary folk aound the world against State-imposed ‘mass medication’, is what is finally bringing this medieval madness to its knees.

Water fluoridation has been around, first in theory and then and then in practice, for over a century. Its initial exploitation was managed by ruthless public relations specialists in America. The gullible fools in the dentists’ union were hooked by the hype, even though scientists warned that the claim that it was ‘safe and effective’ was pure hogwash.

Once hooked on this delusion, the dental profession as a whole became totally addicted. Fluoride mania has now become a pandemic disease. So powerful is the infection that many of those who suffer from it will do literally anything to avoid admitting that they need urgent therapy.

Its propagation has become an almost religious obsession. Addicts, bursting with blind faith and ignorance, attempt to convert unbelievers everywhere. I have watched sadly as gentle ernest arguments were besieged by bluster and deception,dissolving into furious confrontations, blazing and falling apart into dross in debating chambers around the country.

And I have become disgusted at the continued pointless respect that is given to these deranged proponents of poisoning the public water supply.

Now the rot has spread to the politicians. They have become believers in this strange and sinister cult. They too preach the fluoridation mantra to their electorate And they engage in truly extraordinary moral and ethical contortions to try to justify their belief to themselves, in futile efforts to persuade the people that they can be trusted with our health.

So bizarre has the movement become that the analysis of the psychology and sociology of the fluoridation cult has become an academic research field in its own right. But our scientists and lawyers stand by, nodding sadly and occasionally venturing to express mild concern.

But their hands are tied, they have jobs to protect, responsibilities to respect. No-one seems willing to take the charlatans on, and seek out and eradicate the underlying disease of moral corruption that allows - encourages, even - this discredited and dangerous practice to continue.

Except us! I am a scientist, with a little familiarity with law. I have no job to protect, no responsibilities to defer to, other to than my own professional governing bodies’ mandatory Codes of Professional Conduct as a Chartered Scientist and Biologist.

I saw exactly what happens to people when the water provided to my own community, in Cornwall, was accidentally poisoned over a quarter of a century ago. I have seen pimple suffer and die, even up to now, from that incident. I have watched as supposed experts cooked the books to protect their political masters. And I will not tolerate such behaviour.

So this web site is devoted to exposing the corruption that lies at the heart of the fluoridation bandwagon. Since, as I said at the start, the people know that mass medication is wrong,

I have provided them and the lawyers with hard evidence that the people are absolutely right. So we - Liz and I - have gone to the people whom the public elects to represent their views, their hopes and their fears, the Councillors in our Local Authorities.

UK Councils Against Fluoridation (UKCAF) goes back 27 years, with Liz’s work with Councillors having been very largely instrumental in preventing any new fluoridation schemes in England since the last, in Sandwell in 1987. That was the year before she started her own mission to stop this evil cult.

UKCAF works with Councillors because they are elected by the people to speak on their behalf. Now they are being misled from all sides, from the largely scientifically illiterate dental proponents at the bottom of the food chain to the supposed ‘exoerts’ in the government’s shiny new super-QANGO, Public Health England, at the top.

On this site I aim to expose the corruption at the heart of the pro-fluoridation movement, the low-level stupidity and the high-level malpractice on which the cult relies to entice Councils into allowing it to flourish.

And where ridicule is appropriate, then that’s what I shall use!

Where pseudoscience is proposed, I will speak as a scientist and debunk it. Where law and legal precedent is misquoted I will highlight the anomalies (and of course, I will refer you to properly qualified lawyers for advice - I know better than to step on such sensitive toes!)

So this site and my commentaries and articles are not for the squeamish. You will find lies exposed here that many more ‘respectable’ folk hesitate to speak of. We’ll take a close look at whatever can of worms needs to be opened up and the wriggling festering contents put under the microscope.

We’ve been off air for a couple of months, as we were hacked by some disgruntled soul unhappy at the support that we’re giving to the ordinary folk around the world who don’t want their kids contaminated and their teeth spoiled by fluorosis.

So if you’ve got an inside story, and hard facts to back it up, let me know. If it’s reliable and interesting, then I’ll publish it. But if you’re trying to put one over us, then I’ll do the same to you too - we’re open for business, and intend to stay that way until fluoridation meets its long-overdue ignominious end.

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