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Intellectual property -
please respect the conditions of use of copyright material on this site.

A short note for Webmasters, scavengers
and assorted plagiarists.

Everything on this site is my Intellectual Property unless I decide to release it for reproduction elsewhere (but only with permission). I often quote other folk's work, shortly, in which case I'll always provide a link to whomsoever does own the copyright, to send you off to that location. So don't steal my copy!

If you want to republish anything of mine - my comments, musings and technical analyses - then I'm happy for you to do so, within reason. But here are
The Rules :-

1) you don't pull out whole articles and comments and post them on your own site, or try to pass them off as your own work. That's just stealing my visitors, my reputation and my copyright stuff. I'll find you out, sooner or later, and let the rest of my (and your) readers know. If you want to copy a short paragraph and put it up as a taster for your own readers, that's fine, BUT only if

2) you put an easily visible live link to the page you got my material from. This is a different reason from No1 above. It's very important that you allow your own readers to find original sources, not pirated and altered claptrap (and yes, that has happened in the past.) . If people read stuff on your site or in your project report or thesis, they may want to cite original sources for their argument, to prove that what they're saying is what the source really said. That way they're safe from criticism. That's professionalism in operation.

a word to students out there, looking for an easy way to impress your teachers or supervisors - DON'T TRY IT! You're just newbies to the writing world, and you probably have styles that are quite a bit less individual than mine. Stealing other people's work is called plagiarism, it's job-dismissal serious, and you will get found out. There's some pretty sophisticated software out there now that can spot it instantly, and your supervisors probably uses it. So be warned! Stick to The Rules and you'll be OK.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this Web site should be taken as constituting legal or medical advice.

Commentaries that discuss legal issues or medical science and conditions are provided purely to indicate my own interpretation of the legislation and current research, and to serve as a stimulus to further debate.

I am not a qualified legal practitioner, nor am I medically qualified. You should NOT rely on anything that relates to legal or medical issues that may be discussed on this site, nor on any documents that you may read or obtain from this site. This site and my views aim to provide you with ideas about possible qualified sources to check out - think of this site as a set of signposts at a very complicated cross-roads, then check out where they lead. That way, you'll be fine.

If you wish to formally investigate further any of the issues that I have raised, then you should contact appropriately qualified legal or medical specialists.

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